After having taken the Swedish music scene by storm in 2016, Sammy & Johnny Bennett received the award for 'Best newcomer' at the Swedish Grammy Awards. Sammy & Johnny Bennett hit the Swedish rap scene like a bomb during spring 2016. The talk about the brother duo from Gothenburg spread and it didn't take long until people had joined in with the chorus of admirations, thanks to the duo's outstanding flow, rhythm and vibe, since the release of the Bennett brothers' first EP ”Hundra80” last year. The journalist and hip hop profile Ametist Azordegan also emphasizes the twins' stage presence and claims that she never has seen a better live act. For 2018 the brothers opened up strong with a nominee for best hiphop at the P3 Guld Gala and also received an award for best hiphop from the Swedish musical institution Manifest. Later this year they have set to release their highly anticipated debut album which they are fully focused on.