Born in Alabama, baptised in Aleppo and raised in Indiana: KÁRYYN’s early years have been divided between the USA and Syria and her identity is rooted both in Middle Eastern and Western culture. After a period of years where KÁRYYN has worked alone with her expression, she has gradually unveiled her music. Her first releases are installations described by KÁRYYN as the ‘Quanta Series’. The installations have been released in four parts (1, 11, 1:11 and 11:11) and are the product of her Syrian-American background. In addition to her own music compositions, KÁRYYN is also known for her work as the composer of the opera ‘Of Light’ that she created in cooperation with her friend, the theatre manager Samantha Shay, under the auspices of the world-famous performance artist Marina Abramovic. Björk herself has described KÁRYYN’s performance in the opera as “an extremely stimulating experience”. 

KÁRYYN will perform on Friday, 10. August 2018.