Jlin is one of today's most prominent producers. Jlin grew up in Gary, Indiana, only a little over 30 km from Chicago. At the beginning of her career, Jlin often used samples in her work but she has removed this completely from her music today. Today, all the material used in Jlin’s productions is original material produced by herself. Contrary to Jlin’s earlier compositions that were inspired by the Chicago-based footwork scene, Jlin’s latest album spans complex soundscapes. The album contains, among other things, collaboration with the minimalist icon, William Basinski, and the avant-pop composer, Holly Herndon. The album was on a number of international media’s Best of 2017 lists, including music media such as Rolling Stone, Consequence of Sound, NPR, Fact, Noisey.

Jlin will perform on Saturday, 11. August 2018.