Since the start of Dirty Projectors, the band's founder, Dave Longstreth, and the varying band members of Dirty Projectors have been one of the New York scene’s most significant re-inventers of rock music together with names such as LCD Soundsystem and Vampire Weekend. After having teamed up, both professionally and privately, with the former Dirty Projectors member, Amber Coffman, for several years, Dave Longstreth in a state of heartache and depression started to write songs, initially as a form of self-therapy. A down-hearted Longstreth did not believe that the songs would have a life outside the studio, and certainly not as Dirty Projectors songs, until he asked the legendary producer Rick Rubin to listen to the songs in Los Angeles. Rick Rubin convinced Longstreth that the songs were too good not to release and that they should be released as Dirty Projectors songs. The album ‘Dirty Projectors’ took shape and Dave Longstreth assumed the role as a solo member of the band. The concert at the HAVEN Festival is the first Dirty Projectors concert in Europe for six years where Dave Longstreth together with his band will play songs from the entire Dirty Projectors back catalogue. 

Dirty Projectors will perform on Friday, 10. August 2018.