A sonic full-scale experience lies in store for the audience when the prize-winning sampler and composer duo, Den Sorte Skole, invite the audience into their amazing melting pot of samples and soundscapes across different genres. The result is both anarchistic and poetic and it breaks down walls between national borders and time periods in order to combine elements from world music, popular music, avant-garde, electronica, classical music and noise music. This show has been created especially for HAVEN’s industrial surroundings where the people behind Den Sorte Skole, Martin Højland and Simon Dokkedal, will take the audience on a particularly curated musical journey. 

"It will be our only Danish festival concert this year and it therefore has to be very special. People visit the Haven Festival with the purpose of listening to the music and having an artistic experience so we are really looking forward to playing here. We will create a special set for Haven that contains the most explosive and uncompromising aspects of our universe."

Den Sorte Skole x HAVEN will perform on Saturday, 11. August 2018.