Please see info about ticket types on the ticket page here.

Refund and change of tickets
The purchase of tickets is not covered by any right of return. Therefore, you cannot get your money back. If you are prevented from participating in an event, we are unfortunately not able to help you. Tickets are only refunded if the event is canceled.

Upgrading of tickets
It is possible to upgrade your ticket by sending an email to Billetlugen. The price for this is the price difference + an administration fee.
Can I give away my ticket?
Yes, you can give away your ticket even if the ticket has your name on it.

Black market pages
We strongly advise against using black market pages such as Viagogo, Stubhub and similar that deliberately sell tickets at excess prices. When you buy a ticket from someone you do not know, the ticket may theoretically be false or a copy and the bar code will therefore not work at the entrance. As a result, you will be refused entry and HAVEN takes no responsibility for this. This also means that we cannot verify or otherwise accept tickets that have been bought from unofficial ticket providers.


Where is HAVEN?
The address of HAVEN is Refshaleøen, Refshalevej 151, 1432 Copenhagen K, approx. 15 minutes from the center of Copenhagen.
Note! It is not possible to park your car at HAVEN. The best method to get to and from HAVEN is by bicycle. We therefore strongly recommend that you either cycle or walk to HAVEN.

When does HAVEN 2018 take place?
HAVEN 2018 takes place at Refshaleøen on Friday 10 August and Saturday 11 August 2018. The doors will open at 12:30 PM on both days. The music will end at 12:00 AM and the bars close at 01:00 AM. 

When can I get my wristband?
On the first day when the gates to the entrance open.


We strongly recommend that you either cycle or walk to HAVEN.

There will be both additional services with bus 9A (regular route), and harbor buses, between Ndr. Toldbod - Nyhavn - Refshaleøen.

On bicycle or on foot
On bicycle, you can go via Christiania or Holmen and arrive at HAVEN in approx. 10 minutes from e.g. Christianshavns Torv. You can also choose to cycle from Kongens Nytorv through Nyhavn across Inderhavnsbroen and continue along Holmen. This will also take about 10 minutes.

There will be parking space for bicycles close to the entrance to HAVEN.

Parking of bicycles will be at your own risk. 

Bikes attached to the festival fence and other festival equipment will be removed.  

Here are some places in Copenhagen where you can rent a bicycle to HAVEN:

Parking: Note! It is not possible to park your car at the HAVEN Festival. We therefore recommend that you use public transportation or go by bicycle.

Can I become a volunteer at HAVEN?
Sign-up as a volunteer will open in 2018. More info: Sign-up for former volunteers starts on 23 April and for everybody else on 4 May.
If you have any questions, please contact [email protected].

In principle, all children are welcome at the HAVEN Festival. However, we recommend that you do not bring children under the age of five to the festival. The festival is not designed for children, and baby food and similar will not be available at the festival and only a limited number of changing tables. It is therefore up to the individual parent to decide whether they wish to bring their children to the HAVEN Festival.

If you choose to bring your child to the festival, there is free admission for children under the age of 10 if they are in the company of a paying adult, and we recommend that you carry small children in a carrying sling. Normal size baby carriages and pushchairs are permitted, but it is not permitted to bring these to the area in front of the stages. The festival site is not suited for baby carriages and push-chairs. There will be no reduced admission for children or young people, and children over the age of 10 must purchase a full ticket.

For safety reasons, children and young people under the age of 15 must be in the company of an adult and we do not recommend that you bring children to the festival after 8 pm.

ID and sale of alcohol
There is no sale of alcohol to anyone under the age of 18. You must be able to present an ID on request.

All lost property from the HAVEN Festival will be collected and handed into the lost property office of the police in Copenhagen. Read more about how to contact the lost property office.
If you have lost a jacket, a purse or similar, please contact HAVEN at [email protected]

We very much regret if our neighbors experience inconveniences in connection with the HAVEN Festival. We do not intend to inconvenience anyone – on the contrary, it is our aim that the festival can combine all the best in food, drink, art and music and make people feel happy and have a positive experience. We will, of course, respect with the limits permitted for the arrangement of the festival.

At HAVEN, there will be a staffed cloakroom for various items. We have limited space. There will be no room for storage of large items such as suitcases etc. Use of the cloakroom is at your own risk.

You can see the schedule online here

Or in our app 'HAVEN Festival' available in Android & Apple App Store. 

You can also download the Friday schedule and Saturday schedule.


Which means of payment are accepted at HAVEN?
Cash/credit cards are accepted in all sales stands. It is not possible to make cash purchases in the stands but at the HAVEN cash card stand you can deposit cash onto a HAVEN cash card that can be used for payment in all stands.

The following payment cards are accepted in all sales stands:
· Dankort
· MasterCard
· Maestro
· Visa
· Visa Electron
· Foreign Visa
· American Express
· Eurocard
· JCB International

I do not have a payment card and always use cash – what should I do?
We accept cash on the festival site. In our HAVEN cash card stand, you can deposit cash onto a HAVEN cash card that you can use everywhere on the festival site.

If you use all the money in your HAVEN cash card, please go to a HAVEN cash card stand in order to deposit more money.

Deposits charged on the HAVEN cash card
When you exchange cash for a HAVEN cash card, a deposit of DKK 100 will be charged. Your deposit will be refunded together with any balance when you return your HAVEN cash card to the stand.

Take a picture of your HAVEN cash card
When you receive your HAVEN cash card, you need to photograph it so that it is possible to read the 10-digit number on the card. You will need the picture if you lose your HAVEN cash card and you will need it if you want any balance due transferred through bank transfer after the festival (the procedure is described in detail in the balance due section).

Can I pay through MobilePay in your bars and stalls?
You cannot use MobilePay in our bars and stalls, but in our HAVEN cash card stand you can use MobilePay to buy a HAVEN cash card.

How do I get back my balance due on the HAVEN cash card?
You can go to a HAVEN cash card stand any time to have your balance due refunded. Your deposit will also be refunded at this time.
Please note that the balance of all refunds will be paid to a credit card. Cash is not returnable and we do not refund through Mobilepay. If you do not have a credit card you will need to contact and send a picture of your card with your bank account details to [email protected].

An administration fee of DKK 100 will be charged if you want your balance due transferred through bank transfer. The fee will be deducted from your deposit.

When will the HAVEN cash card stands be open?
The HAVEN cash card stand will follow the opening hours of the festival site. When the festival site closes on the last day, it will be possible to go to a HAVEN cash card stand outside the festival site in order to have your balance due transferred also after the festival has closed.

You will also find an open HAVEN cash card stand at HAVEN between 12 pm and 6 pm on Sunday 12 August.

What happens if I lose my HAVEN cash card?
When you buy a HAVEN cash card in the HAVEN cash card stand, you need to photograph the 10-digit card number on the front of the card so that you always have it if you lose your card. If you lose your card, you should contact a HAVEN cash card stand immediately so they can close the card you have lost and transfer your balance due to a new card.

There are always problems with the mobile network at festivals!
We have a special focus on the mobile network but we are also aware that it is sometimes subject to heavy network load and for this reason, we have chosen not to base our payment system on the mobile network.
The payment system is centered on a cabled internet connection and will therefore not be affected if the mobile network is under heavy load.

What happens in case of internet failure?
There will be ongoing challenges to the internet connection at an outdoor festival – disconnected cables, power failures etc. In most cases, the problem will be related to individual bars/stands and often to only some
of the point-of-sale terminals in bars/stands – and most problems are solved within a very short time.
It will not affect the payment facilities if the point-of-sale terminals are offline and as a guest, you will therefore not notice it unless you have a debit card. In the case of debit cards, they cannot be used at offline terminals.


Companions to disabled persons
Disabled persons and other guests who have a valid companion card from the User Service of the Danske Handicaporganisationer (the Danish Handicap Organisations) can bring one companion over the age of 18 to HAVEN free of charge. Please contact Billetlugen's Customer Service on telephone +45 70 263 267.

Toilets for disabled persons
There are toilets for disabled persons on the festival site.
Wheelchair users
There will be access to platforms for disabled persons at the stages on a first come first serve basis.


Can I bring food and beverages?
It is not permitted to bring your own food and beverages to the festival site. If on health grounds you cannot eat the food on the festival site, you will need documentation for this in the form of a doctor's statement which must be presented to the guards at the entrance. If you have small children and need to bring baby food etc., this is also permitted. If you are in doubt, please contact us at [email protected] and describe your needs, then we will find a solution!

Allergies and special needs
On the festival site, there will be something for every taste and also food for people with allergies. Please contact [email protected] if you have any special needs, then we will do our best to help you.

There will be water taps on the festival site where you can fill your water bottle with free tap water.

There is no accommodation and camping at HAVEN and we, therefore, recommend that you find alternative overnight accommodation.
We recommend that you check HOTELS.COM that has a wide range of available hotels in Copenhagen.


First aid
There will be a qualified first aid team present during the entire festival.


Our guards will search bags, pockets etc. on entrance. 

It is strictly forbidden to:

  • Block emergency exits and corridors and to push and shove, in particular in front of the stages.
  • Crowd-surf
  • Stage-dive
  • Throw beer or other objects
  • Any violation of the above will result in immediate expulsion.

Animals are not allowed on the concert site.

Photos & videos
It is not permitted to bring tape recorders, video cameras or professional photo cameras. Audio and video recording is not permitted. Only small digital video cameras (pocket size) and mobile phones
are allowed on the festival site. Mirror reflex cameras are not allowed. If you have to take pictures for a medium, you are welcome to apply for accreditation. We do not allow large/professional cameras for private individuals due to restrictions from the international artists and because many cameras during the concerts will disturb our guests. It is not permitted to bring metal selfie sticks.

Barbecues & use of open fire
Barbecues or similar are not allowed in the concert area. Use of open fire is not allowed.

We have zero tolerance to drugs of any kind. Drug dealing and possession of drugs will result in immediate expulsion and reporting to the police.

For safety reasons, it is not permitted to bring umbrellas.

Chairs, tents etc.
For safety reasons, it is not permitted to put up tents, tables, chairs, and pavilions and neither is it allowed to bring flags, streamers, banners etc. There will be seating accommodation on the festival site. If you are pregnant or have special needs, we recommend that you bring a blanket or a camp mattress.

It is not permitted to bring any form of weapons to the festival site. Any violation of this will result in immediate expulsion and reporting to the police.

Aerosol cans & suntan lotion
Guests and volunteers are not allowed to bring aerosol cans and bottles under pressure as well as containers with inflammable liquid to the festival site. It is allowed to bring perfume and suntan lotion sprays.

Data policy 

You can read more about our data policy here.