Live brewing will take place on-site at the festival. Mikkel Borg Bjergsø, Claus Meyer and Aaron Dessner, will join forces to brew a special beer that will be spontaneously fermented by exposing the beer to the festival air.

To do this, the wort (the unfermented beer) is pumped into a mobile tub (a so-called koelschip) for cooling purposes and then left over night to absorb bacteria from the festival air itself. Once inoculated (the process in which wort begins its fermenting process) the beer will be filled in wooden casks, an ancient Belgian method of production for spontaneously fermented beer. The finished beer, fermented on HAVEN 2017, will eventually be sold from Mikkeller bars around the world and served at HAVEN 2018. Mikkeller have invited some of the World's best brewers to brew live during the festival.