HAVEN Festival is an artistic experiment that combines beer, food, art and music in new ways.

Aaron & Bryce Dessner (The National), Mikkel Borg Bjergsø (Mikkeller) and Claus Meyer (food entrepreneur) have teamed up to create new experiences from their own art forms, namely beer, food, art, and music, bringing these ingredients together at one festival.

"We want to explore the ways in which the art forms intersect and provide people with the opportunity to discover new tastes, sounds and sights. Every ingredient in the festival experience is carefully selected and handpicked."

HAVEN is just as much a sophisticated beer festival with international live music, as it is an art festival, a food festival with world renowned guest chefs at the top of their experimental game, or a music festival that takes place in the middle of one large artistic installation created in collaboration between the brewers, musicians, chefs, and performance artists, from all over the world.

HAVEN is a two-day festival on August 10th & August 11th at Refshaleøens industrial and wild setting with three main areas, all overlooking the city and harbor.

To participate in HAVEN is not to be a passive observer, on the contrary you’re invited to guest a party where musicians, chefs, artists and brewers are working together in a crossover of disciplines, helping each other and inviting the guests to do the same.

Beatbox Entertainment realizes the dreams by creating the framework for the meeting of art forms with Keith Lemmon at the helm as festival director.